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    COVID Burnout

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every facet of our lives. Health care workers on the frontline have endured incredible amounts of stress in an environment that frequently left them isolated from family and loved ones. Grueling shifts taking care of severely ill patients who all too often died alone, coupled with the fear of becoming infected has led to feelings of helplessness and burnout. Even before the pandemic, workplace burnout effected upwards of half of all nurses and doctors.

    Symptoms of burnout can be wide ranging and include detachment and loss of joy in work, feelings of isolation and irritability and strained relationships. Aside from physical and mental exhaustion one may begin to neglect personal needs and withdraw. Feelings of helplessness, loss of motivation and increasing cynicism are also signs of burnout.

    Take control of your life and live in the present. We all have different stories associated with the COVID-19 journey including stories and memories of trauma and secondary trauma. Little did we know we were on this journey together but every path was different. Sometimes control means accepting feeling “out of control.” Over the last year, many of us felt we had little control. Let’s come together and accept challenging emotions and healing as a normalized process. Take control of the wheel. This is your journey and I look forward to traveling on the road of healing with you. We are all “perfectly imperfect.”

    ‘As a physician, I was not fully aware of the trauma that would occur until we as a medical community faced COVID 19. There is no handbook for the mental health issues we experienced as first responders during an unprecedented global pandemic. As a doctor, speaking out about mental health issues associated with taking care of COVID patients is difficult and seeking treatment even more so.’



     One of my goals is to treat health care workers (physicians, nurses, etc) suffering from Covid-19 burnout. One of the benefits of self-pay is that your records are not handed over to your insurance company or stored in your employer’s EHR. All services are provided through Telehealth. Telehealth allows me to provide counseling and therapy to my clients via live video conferencing. This can be done privately from your preferred location.