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  • Telehealth Psychotherapy and Life Coaching In Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and South Dakota
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    Therapy in Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and South Dakota

    I provide online therapy in Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and South Dakota. My psychotherapy practice is called Shiloh Hill Counseling because I think of it as a place for people to come to experience peace, safety, and understanding. The journey to self awareness and self-acceptance begins with listening and understanding. We all want to be heard and understood.  But, I don’t just listen and nod. I offer a variety of flexible psychotherapeutic techniques to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, COVID-19 related mental health issues and relationship and intimacy issues.

    Telehealth therapy in Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and South Dakota for issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and dealing with narcissistic relationships. If you live in a different state, please check with your state to see if they accept licensed clinicians from other states for mental health therapy.

    Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, work stress, trauma and grief can be debilitating. The hardest part is taking the first step and asking for “help.” Most of us like to think of ourselves as independent, competent and “tough.” Asking for help and attending therapy doesn’t mean that we are not those things. At some point in life, all of us struggle with painful emotions and thoughts. An Irish proverb says “People live in each other’s shadows.” It means that we are shielded from the sun by each other. We rely on and need one another in different capacities at various stages in our lives. I don’t have any magical answers, but I would be honored to accompany you through a journey of self-exploration during the therapeutic process.

    Depression, Anxiety and Life Stress: Is it a “Killer” Moth or a Butterfly?

    Periodically, during the fall season, gigantic black moths appear in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When I first experienced the moths, I feared these gigantic aimlessly flying insects. They are intimidating and overwhelming—747 sized moths dive bombing without warning in your home, on the street or even at the dinner table. I found myself ducking and trying to avoid them. Hands protecting my face, eyes squinted, looking fearfully above—I began to feel anxious around these harmless insects.

    One day it occurred to me that our distorted or negative thoughts are a lot like these intimidating insects. Thoughts can be powerful, scary, real, hurtful and judgmental. I realized that my perception of these harmless insects was really the problem, not the little critters themselves.  I now call them “little black butterflies” because butterflies land ever so gently. Throughout the day, thoughts often “land” on us and sometimes we let them stay too long. Especially the negative or distorted thoughts of self, others and situations. Together, we can gently work to examine your troubling “moths” and explore alternative ways of looking at problems.

    Of course, not all of our problems are related to negative thinking. Emotions are also a roadmap to what is bothering us. Sometimes in therapy, we “follow the feelings to the source of our troubles.”

    About Adria Hagg, LCSW

    Adria received her bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco and completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Denver. She completed her practicum at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Psychiatry Clinic. Throughout the course of her time at UCH, she did comprehensive diagnostic assessments, presented cases to a team of mental health professionals, built a solid caseload of individual therapy cases and successfully engaged clients in the therapeutic process. Adria also facilitated a weekly psychotherapy group, attended group supervision, grand rounds and weekly classes with residents to further enhance learning and growth.